Hi Folks!

Mark Maenad coming from a punk and rock background and having started his own
recording studio in 2005, Mark found his way into the electronic scene
back in 2007. Soon after discovering the endless potential of digital
producing, Mark joined forces with a friend and the live elektro-act
Black Oysters was a fact. After playing lots of shows and even playing
at Amsterdam Dance Event, Black Oysters got the attention of the
French Mr. No of MOTOR fame, who have several releases on Novamute,
Dim Mak and CLR.


Impressed with Mark's production skills, Mr. No turned to him to start
up a new project: Petsoop. In the short time since their moment of
birth in 2010, Petsoop has managed to make a lasting impression on the
elektro/techno scene, both with their own smashing songs like 2Bit and
Slingshot and with remixes for Wannabeastar and the Whip, among
others. Now, after four years of creating smashing climactic
elektro-bangers, Mark found a new but profound love in techno.
Inspired by the likes as Brian Sanhaji, Speedy J and Tommy Four Seven,
he now focusses on producing a dark, unsettling and concrete style of
techno, while always keeping an eye on hypnotic and mysterious details
in which the listeners can lose themselves completely.


Adopting the monniker Mark Maenad to distinguish his techno from his
elektro productions with Black Oysters and Petsoop, Mark now is ready to create an
ecstatic techno frenzy all over the globe. In his live dj-sets he uses
a ton of hardware equipment, ranging from Maschine to didgeridoo,
resulting in shows that are never the same and that fill the crowds
with a combination of dancing and drunken intoxication. In August 2013
his debut EP 'Kompleks' was released through Platinium Records and is
available now.


It was monday 9th september 2013... A new podcast was released by

CLR featuring the recording of a Drumcell set which includes Mark Maenad's track Orgiastic.


Mark Maenad. Techno. Don't miss out on it.